What is Physie?

Physical Culture is a dance sport that fuses various forms of dance and movement, performed in sequence to modern vibrant music. The choreographed movements are designed to increase strength, flexibility, co-ordination and most importantly, confidence! It is a fun and social low impact dance activity with the opportunity to compete at an individual level as well as be part of a synchronised team. Whilst Physie does take dedication and application, it is a rewarding experience in a supportive and enthusiastic environment of teachers, girls and ladies where fun and fitness triumph.

Who can do it?

Physie is for women and girls of all ages, from 3 years performing in our kindy kids class, through to juniors, seniors and our over 60’s section. BjP’s age appropriate choreographed routines are structured to improve posture, balance and brain development in daughters, mothers and grandmothers!

Book a trial and give it a try!

How much does it cost?

Sunnybank Physie is very affordable, between $5 and $8 per lesson depending on attendance. Each age group (with the exception of our Little Stars class) is given the opportunity to attend two classes per week.

Annual registration with BjP is $88 which entitles you to learning the syllabus, free download of the year's syllabus music and instructional videos, and access to team and individual competitions.

We offer 4 trial classes for $20 so you can give it a try!

When are our classes?

Our classes are held in school and community halls in various locations throughout the south-western suburbs of Brisbane including Holland Park, Mount Gravatt, Annerley and Moorooka.

Please see our timetable for more details.

What is BjP?

Bjelke-Petersen Physical Culture has been established in Australia for 127 years! Started by Hans Christian Bjelke-Petersen in 1892 as a medical gymnasium, physical culture was developed with the principal of building aerobic fitness, muscle strength, tone and good posture. Initially taught in many leading colleges in Sydney, the movement has now expanded to well over 10,000 women and girls, affiliated with 135 clubs across six states in Australia.

“The physical condition of the child is the foundation for everything else. The body feeds the mind with energy. Therefore it must be the first consideration.”


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