Sunnybank Physical Culture Club has been in Brisbane's south-western suburbs for almost 50 years. We are proud to be one of Queensland's original BjP Physical Culture clubs. Our Club currently has over 80 members, with our physie 'family' ranging in age from 3 years through to 60 and over.

At Sunnybank Physie, our emphasis is on being fit, making friends and having fun! We value: Sportsmanship, Self-Esteem and Teamwork, and incorporate these values into everything we do.

We are passionate about our dance sport. Physie develops core strength, grace, flexibility and good posture through movement, rhythm, co-ordination, balance and musical interpretation.

Every year, we learn new routines, with age-appropriate choreography set to a contemporary soundtrack. Our syllabus incorporates skills that challenge us physically and mentally, promoting concentration and body discipline, whilst extending range of movement and coordination.

Our classes focus on the importance of fitness through dance and exercise. We encourage members to participate in all class, group, team and individual events. Achievement is recognised in many different ways and we always empower and support our members to strive for their very best - whether that is in class, learning and mastering a new skill, or on the competition floor for the very first time.


Most importantly, Physie at Sunnybank is about having fun at any age.

Healthy minds & healthy bodies… It's what we do!

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